Sicilian Lifestyle and Ancient Farming

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La Campagna of Noto, Sicily: Part I

Many agricultural institutes and health organizations around the world agree that the magic of Sicilian land is indisputable. Check out my first introduction to the balance of elements with Farmer Fabio via ZisolHouse, a farm conservation project.

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Lido di Noto: Lifestyle study

I lived with Massimo and Doriana Pagani, an 82-year old papá spacchiuso (badass father) and his zealous-artist daughter, at their home on the seaside of Noto for a week. I’m grateful for being welcomed in like a granddaughter and little sister. I have captured life as a Sicilian in stories and photos.

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La Campagna of Noto, Sicily: Part II

I lived at Farmer Fabio and his fiancè’s 400-year old stone cabin for several weeks. They took me under their wing and into the backseat of their macchina for day trips in search of ingredients and history—teaching me world-views, helping me find distant family in Calabria, and recipe after recipe of cucina povera.

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