Paris, France

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Gasp! You must go to Paris, you just must.” I’m sure we’ve all heard this age-old, elitist remark. It’s always accompanied with an eye-roll of disbelief and a gesture of palm-to-chest to demonstrate sincerity. But after a trip to Paris, I now understand what they mean. It’s difficult to put “what is Paris” into basic words, because it strips away the magic.

To know Paris is to know a great deal.
— Henry Miller

Don’t go to Paris looking for the re-called “rude Parisians”—take it all in, look for the good and I promise you will leave thinking: Wow, the French are lovely. And next you’ll be the one saying: You must go to Paris, you just must!


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The French Aren’t Rude, They’re Misunderstood

August 20, 2018