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Palermo is the capital of Sicily. Sicily is the largest island off mainland Italy, with the region of Calabria its closest neighbor. Busy markets, ports, ancient cathedrals, important architecture, theaters, and famous street food—such as arancini and sfincione. Palermo is a fascinating checkerboard; it is pristine and dirty at the same time. Polished marble sidewalks topped with rusted dumpsters; immaculate high-fashion storefronts, next to dilapidated, amateur-graffiti-soaked buildings.

The principality of Palermo is more famously known for the town of Corleone. Yep, the town where scenes from Coppola’s 1972 The Godfather are filmed. But do not—I repeat—do not bring up the mafia to a Sicilian. There is nothing more annoying to a local than having to address that stereotype.

Thinking of checking out Palermo, Sicily? I suggest going during a time of year that is not the rainy season (typically October, November, and parts of December are cold and dreary, others months are outrageously sunny and happy).


Local recipes

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Tuna with citrus and herb


Trapanese Pesto


Pro Travel Tips

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9 Tips How To Explore Palermo Markets Like a Pro