AKA “A very long rant I’ve been writing in my head for years”


Art with a capital “f”

This is an accessible blog that does not take itself too seriously. No expensive photography equipment was used for these photos, simply a beat-up iPhone 7. If you like my photos, thanks, just download the free Huji® app and go to town.


Who This blog is not for

This blog isn’t for the haters who never thought I was interesting enough to publish thoughts and experiences;

This blog isn’t for grammar snobs who obsess over semi-colons instead of clearly communicating a deep feeling (language is for sharing and expressing, not for showing-off a college degree);

This blog isn’t for that sub-set group of self-proclaimed “foodies” who simply chase Michelin star restaurants because of the status;

This blog isn’t for the people who do not know a single line cook personally, yet glamorize the restaurant scene;

This blog isn’t for the posers who pretend like they “know wine” and put others down for ordering white wine—(Yes, there are some really complex, beautiful, dry Rieslings out there that sing to you! Mostly just “Roxanne” by The Police, but I digress!)—or those who make others feel dumb for not knowing which utensil to use at the table. (I know, from “the outside, in” and other egalitarian rules…but who cares? Mealtime is a special time of love and laughter, not ego and cutting others down. K thanks bye.);

This blog is especially not for those who are rude to waitstaff (an unpardonable sin) or post terrible restaurant reviews on Yelp! for petty reasons—there’s already enough odds weighing against owning a successful restaurant, don’t add to their fail rate. It’s people like this who are marginally responsible for the Chef/Owner mental breakdown, bankruptcy, and divorce in a few years.


Who This blog is for

This blog is for me…and any other like-minded kinfolk that I shall explain below:

This blog goes out to the legit, who have grown tired of the lack of authenticity on the inter-web, who crave honesty over top trending hashtags, appreciate un-beautified stories and experiences—because to them, “telling it like it is” may not always be pretty, but the feeling it may provoke is honest…and isn’t that beautiful?;

This blog is for people who look for the silver lining and try adding to the good in this world;

This blog is for those who dedicate their life, education, work, free-time, money, and/or dreamtime hours to cooking;

This blog is for those who when asked, “Do you ‘eat to live’ or ‘live to eat’?”, respond with blood curdling-Tom Waits growl: “LIVE TO EAT”;

This blog is also for those who have a deep appreciation for food’s nostalgic nourishment and powerful political impact;

This blog is for those who eat the pigs feet and offal on the menu…and are actually very concerned about the low bee population;

This blog is for those who think about their next meal while they’re eating a meal;

This blog is for those who geek out over Chef’s Table (oh my God, oh my God), cookbooks, food policy books and commentary (Michael Pollan and Dan Barber, I see you!) and chef memoirs (RIP Bourdain);

This blog, above all, is for those who question norms—and everything at that rate—who think between the thoughts, who wonder what else might be out there, and fully believe in the earth shattering power of just one word: “why?”.

You and I, we’re cut from the same cheesecloth :)

To sweetbreads & funky wine,

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Theresa Cantafio