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Málaga is a port city in southern Spain. Buildings, towers, and resorts line the Costa del Sol beaches. Famous for sunshine, bars on la playa, seafood tapas, sweet fortified wine, and friendly locals willing to give the shirt off their back.

I went to Málaga in the rainy, off-season at the end of fall and early winter, no beach-time for me. I stayed in an ocean view condo with a local named Violeta. She explained that she was a witch, and shared evidence to prove it. Along story-time she taught me how to make an Andalusia-style Paella and shared her political unrest and spiritual philosophies.

While staying with Violeta, I met a guest down the hallway. A seventy-seven year old American known as “Peter Hollywood”. He’d roll cigarettes and we’d break pomegranate on the veranda as he told me about his wild life. How he was friends with the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan, smuggled dope around the world, sold LSD in Turkey, and ripped off his badge while stationed in Vietnam and went back home. After all of his law breaking, he decided that hiding from the government was his best option. He’s been living in Spain for over thirty years now and still doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish or Spanglish.

A drizzly, back-trail hike in Parque Natural Montes de Malaga with a local named Alfonso accompanied with a chorizo and cheese break at a waterfall was a peak of my trip. At the end of the hike the hills led us to a Pueblos Blancos village. It was there that we met Maria, an eighty-year old who lived at the highest altitude home in town. She had a very steep journey to go down to town to buy and transport groceries. Maria explained that she had three sets of twins. Alfonso asked several times to clarify this statement as it did not seem biologically possible. But, yes, it was so. After further adventuring down the hills, we found a quant bar and grabbed a glass of the local, sweet-fortified wine.

This, and much more, was captured in the below photographs.


Local Recipe


Andalucía Seafood Paella


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Disclaimer: Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Note: “Peter Hollywood” is a real name. I was given permission by Peter to share his stories.