Fontanès, Hérault, France

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Fontanès is about a thirty-minute drive north of Montpellier, a major city in Southern France. Fontanès is in the Laungeduc county of France, famous for its beautifully preserved small-towns and ideal climate for growing grapes. If you have the ability to get out to this French nook, do so, and I recommend renting a car.

I visited the vineyard at Château l'Euzière, and was welcomed in by the brother-sister duo, owners Marcelle and Michel Causse. Michel is the food and wine connoisseur, while Marcelle the fermentation specialist and artist, she created the design for the wine labels by hand!

Throw on some Édith Piaf and watch in-awe as you drive past some of the most breathtaking mountainous views of French wine country—piercing blue sky, rows and rows of green vineyards.


And how was the wine? (You might be wondering!)

I had the pleasure of tasting one of Michel Causse’s favorite bottles, L’Almandin. It’s comprised of three grape varieties: 70% Syrah, 25% Grenache, 5% Mourvèdre. Dark-hued with crimson highlights and a strong earthy scent topped with ripe black fruit. Plump tannins are bridged with gentle red currant flavors, with overall roundness.

Absolutely delicious. Character that stood up for itself, but light enough to enjoy on a hot August afternoon with tomato salad, an omelette, crusty bread, soft cheeses, and ripe melon.