Collioure, France

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The positively colorful beach-town of Collioure is a must if you make your way down to Southern France.

It’s as if this town is immune to the vulgarity of this world, existing in some protected bubble of all that is sweet and precious. Yes, it has collected a slew of tourists, but you can see past that on a sunny day when you are sitting in a sliver of shade at a tiny wooden table as you crunch on toasted Catalan tomato bread with the warm breeze on your face as you ask for “plus de vin rouge s'il vous plaît”.

To get there: Fly or take the train to Perpignan, then about a 25-30 minute additional car ride to Collioure. Check out famous pastry chef Olivier Bajard’s shop on the main street along the river, I suggest one of everything.


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Catalan Tomato Bread