collecorvino, ABRUZZO, ITALY

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Collecorvino is a commune in the Pescara province of Abruzzo, Italy. The word Collecorvino loosely translates to “Wine Collective” in Italian. It is home to Contesa Vineyards, one of my favorites in the region. The Abruzzese people are often compared to the characteristics of their wine, due to their fierceness and integrity, balanced with generosity and kindness: “Forte e Gentile”. Which translates to: Strong and Gentile.

Forte e gentile.
— Italian Proverb

How to get there: The easiest way to get to this beautiful, idyllic wine and olive oil commune is to fly into Pescara and either arrange a Bla Bla car, book a formal tour (links below), or rent a car at the airport. If you do book a trip to Collecorvino, I also suggest checking out the nearby towns of Penne and Loreto Aprutino — ancient brick roads, rows of olive trees, scoops of grape vine hills, and pastel Fiat 500’s .


My favorite tour of Abruzzo wine, olive oil, and culture in the Pescara province:


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