This is not a food blog

This is a passion project by Theresa Cantafio


More than just recipes and photography—this is a curious adventure across cultures that explores our relationship with food on a hunt to discover what “real food” means.

Those passionate about food are passionate about life.
— TC

Values and traditions play a critical role in understanding something as personal as food, so I go straight to the source—people. From rule-breaking ethnographies to heart-felt interviews, I tell it like it is and expose diverse perspectives from international voices that are often unheard.

Unlike many milk-toast bloggers, I happen to have a unique punk-rock perspective. I used to work behind the scenes as a food scientist, taste-tester, trends forecaster, and marketer for some of the biggest food companies in the world, until I got burned out. I left a corporate-food-dream job, sold my material possessions, and bought a one-way ticket to Sicily. Franky, I reached a confusion-critical-mass caused by T.M.I. exposure to processed food. I went on the hunt to discover and understand “real food”.

I look forward to taking you by the hand and sharing what I’ve learned and felt as true. A window into the hearts, farms, and kitchens I’ve been welcomed-in around the world.
— TC


Aspiration for lasting social change


Over my career, I’ve had an all-access insider view of industrialized food. Now, I seek an outsider view, visiting and hearing from eaters, growers, farmers, wine-makers, tiny trattoria-owners, and home-cooks around the world. This is not a blame-game blog, no stones are furiously cast at Big Food. I believe a “slow food vs. processed food” approach does not work, and that lasting social change is only possible when we work together collectively to keep humans nourished and safe.





LOOK FOR BEAUTY in honesty

I share stories capturing the extraordinary in ordinary people and situations.


I show that the reward for traveling with tolerance, friendliness, and an open-mind, is getting accepted on the inside of cultural walls.

teach the power of FOOD

I try my hand at expressing the profound social, emotional, and ecological marbling of food—like the muscle and fat in a Wagyu steak or the chocolate-vanilla swirl on a birthday cake.

EMPOWER SEEKERS OF HAPPINESS & researchers of truth

Perhaps most of all, I hope to demonstrate that the guts required to follow your heart and leave comfort in search of your truth is latent and in each of us.


why Name?

sidecar VIEW


name explained

Sidecar View is reminiscent of my ah-ha moment, and represents the state-of-mind when one lets go of the wheel and simply enjoys the ride. In other cheesy words, this blog is my view from the sidecar of life and a quest for honesty and fulfillment.

The logo is inspired from a vintage, Italian visa stamp.

Let go of the wheel and enjoy the ride.
— TC